When it comes to exterminators, Dhaka Division area people have many options, but only one plain option. Since 2010, Green Earth Pest Control has provided advanced housing and commercial exterminating services throughout the Dhaka Division area."We take care of you...Read More
Depending on your condition and type's of pests caught up. Some pests can be restricted by a single service, will call when required, or a bi-monthly service. With some pest's like German roaches, ants, ticks, scorpions, etc. they may take numerous services to get control...Read More
Whether you're a property holder or commercial or industrial consumer, we suggest the pest control services you'll need for both inside and outside concerns. We have the knowledge and effective dealings necessary to grip roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, termites...Read More
Green Earth Pest Control is Recommended by Doctors, Dentists and Our Competition when they Encounter Difficult Pest Problems. We know Dhaka Bugs!

  • Roaches service
  • Bod Bugs control service
  • Mosquites control service
  • Cockroaches control service
  • Ants control service
  • Lazed Control service
  • Termites control service
  • Fleas control service
  • Sod wedworms control service
  • Spiders control service
  • Pillbugs control service

We are family owned and operated by Dhaka natives with decades of experience dealing with Dhaka pests and termites in our hot environment.
Our technicians and inspectors are well qualified and give Division-of-the-art housing and commercial services to defend your home and business. We respect your residence and industry as if it were our own and will resolve your pest and termite concerns with your children, pets and/or customer’s safety in mind.